Relaxing First Full Weekend

We decided to keep it chill this weekend and opted for a convenient campsite, close to home. We left Thursday evening, and after a couple of quick stops headed to Chena Lakes.

Stop for Water

There was no problem finding the perfect site, lake side, and Nunc Pro Tunc was set up in less than 30 minutes. We quickly found out that the site was inundated with rabbits.

Rabbits Everywhere


We took several walks to the lake and threw the ball on the large green space for Meeka. We were able to try out all the features of Nunc Tunc, especially the shower, Every Night! Brian cooked every meal, including pizza! The mattress was a dream.

Water management wasn’t a problem, we still had more than half our load when we left, although the grey tank filled up more quickly, showing 2/3 on Saturday. It was a good lesson and we’ve resolved to make some additions to give the outside shower (an insulated amenity!) more functionality in the future, extending our camping time. The battery held steady at 2/3 the entire trip, with no effort at conservation, and the black water tank never went above 1/3.

Hooking up and using the dump station on Sunday proved no challenge at all, and we were on our way home early. We hit Nenana around noon and spent some time organizing our supplies for easier access next weekend.

Now, for the next..


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